Great Makeup Look for Blondes! Aqua Green Eyes & Nude Lips

Below we are going to list the 8 most crucial tips for the hottest makeup looks for Blondes!  These tips will be sure to make you standout in your new bohemian style clothing.

1. First you want to get your eyebrows arched. You can read 6 Simple Steps to Perfectly Arched Eyebrows for tips on how to do that.

2. Prime your eyelids with a liquid foundation or eye shadow primer.

3. Now dust a champagne colored eye shadow all over the eye lid up to the brows.

4. Next apply a light brown eye shadow in the crease of the eye, blending slightly up onto the brow bone.

5. Line the eyes with a blue green eye shadow or eyeliner. If you choose to use an eye shadow, apply the color with an eyeliner brush. To me it looks as if the model is wearing cream eye shadow. If you want that same dewy look, you can dip your eyeliner brush in a moisturizer, then line your eyes starting from the very inner corner and drag the brush to the outer corner.

6. For the bottom lid, use the same technique. Then take a clean eyeliner brush and smooth the color out. At the corner of the model’s eye is an extra highlight. You can get this by applying a small bit of champagne color at the corner of your eyes with the eyeliner brush. Blend it well.

You can complete the look with false lashes, or make your natural lashes look long. You can get tips on how to do that by reading 6 Professional Tips for Long, Lush Lashes!

7. Now for flawless skin. Apply some foundation over it by using a wedged sponge applicator. Blend the foundation onto the neck as well.

8. Now cover your skin with powder. Dust it all over the face until the skin looks flawless. Make sure you put some on your neck too. You can also go back over your foundation with some bronzing powder to get a beautiful glow. Use a fluffy brush.

Now for those luscious lips. Apply a nude pink lip gloss. Frosty colors make the lips look bigger, adding an extra dose of clear lip gloss can add plumpness as well .

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How To Buy Wholesale Baby Clothes

Baby clothes’ selling is quite a profitable business as there is always a high demand for infant clothes. However, it’s immensely essential to find low priced wholesale baby clothing to make a good profit out of the business. Wholesale baby clothes are available in countless varieties from trendy shoes to designer bodysuit. Nevertheless, quality is one of the most important parameters to be looked for while purchasing clothes to resell. One can buy wholesale baby clothes from any of the wholesale clothing outlets or wholesaler websites. The following is a step-by-step guide to purchase wholesale baby clothes to resell.

There are many infant clothing merchants and retailers available at almost every market. However, it is advised that the buyer should find renowned market to get the best collection of wholesale baby clothes. To know more about latest fashion in infant clothing, one can visit trade shows or read trade magazines.

Price is obviously the most important factor while purchasing wholesale baby clothes. Everyone wants to buy wholesale clothes at the most competitive price to get the best profit. Hence, one must compare each price offered by different baby clothing wholesalers and pick the best option available for him/her. However, one may need to purchase a minimum number of clothing items to get the seller’s discount.

Nevertheless, the buyer must not compromise with the quality of clothes even if they come in a lower price. Every mother wants to buy good quality clothes for their babies. Therefore, while purchasing, one must check the type and material of the clothes carefully so that it does not cause skin infection on coming in contact with skin. Buyer’s would search for a distributor of wholesale baby clothes. One can search online, read trade publications, visit trade shows to find a good baby clothing distributor. Another option is to contact manufacturers directly and buy wholesale clothes from factory stores to get the best deals.

While choosing a supplier, the buyer should check various criteria such as unit price, minimum purchase, shipping charges, distance between their location and the buyer’s location etc. The buyer should rank these factors according to his/her priorities. In this way, one would be able to narrow down the best wholesale supplier available for him/her.

In case the buyer is new to purchasing wholesale clothes, he/she is advised to place the first order for a minimum number of items to gain some experience with a lesser amount of investment.