Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow

The Barnett BCX Buck Commander Extreme CRT Crossbow Package is a $700 crossbow that features an aluminum flight rail, ADF trigger system, and laminated limbs that utilize Barnett’s AVI technology. The following review will outline the ups and downs of this product and help you determine if it is suitable for your hunting experiences.

One of the big plusses of this unit are the laminated limbs, which utilize Barnett’s AVI technology in order to reduce the firing noise by up to 30%. This is extremely helpful for those who hunt in smaller areas, as reduced noise will decrease the likelihood of your prey spotting you after firing. Thus there is a greater likelihood that you will be able to fire off another round if you miss, making this a great feature that will increase you stealth; this is ideal for hunters who practice quiet hunting tactics. Another great feature of this crossbow is the illuminated multi-reticle sight with both red and green dot options. This feature improves your accuracy and is a great help for those long-range shots, as well as hunting in conditions of low illumination. At a range of about 20 yards, you will have no problem hitting smaller targets by utilizing this sighting system.

In regards to downsides, one gripe is the fact that the screws and bolts of the scope have a tendency to loosen after a few shots. This means that you must be adamant in ensuring that you tighten them on a regular basis, otherwise you will compromise your accuracy. Another downside is the arrow retainer, which is not very well-made; it is not made of aluminum and can break quite easily. It is highly recommend that you file the retainer down in order to prevent it from breaking and save you the hassle of shelling out money for a replacement. Finally, this crossbow is somewhat bulky, so if you have a preference for small and compact bows, this product may not be the best choice for you.

All things considered, the Barnett Buck Commander CRT Crossbow Package is a decent buy for those who need a quiet crossbow with a sighting system suitable for long ranges. It is not made of the most high-quality materials and there are better crossbows available if you have the money, but for $700 this crossbow comes with enough benefits to make it worth the money for those on a budget.